SAN FRANCISCO, MOSCOW and BERLIN - Sep. 5, 2012 - The principals of the international award-winning next-generation creative studio Transparent House (TH, are very proud to announce the debut of a mesmerizing new :15 CG television spot for Blazing Dragonfly Vodka. Blazing Dragonfly is an imaginary brand, conceived by studio principal and co-founder Denis Krylov, principal/strategist Krista Mollion and their colleagues as a platform for colorfully presenting their company's creative and production capabilities.

Additional stills
Making Of
 Modeling, animation, sketching, compose - Alex DimkovTexturing, shading, rendering, fire simulations - Eduard ZhikharevLogo on bottle develop, sound compose, montage - Dmitry SemyonovFinal bottle design and rendering - Andrey Goncharov

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